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Every full bottle of pure water made reduce the need of bottled-water by one, and every one less plastic bottle means countless lives of marine species that can be saved.

Bottled water consumption is expected to reach a volume of around 118 Billion gallons by 2022. While we pay $2 each for a convenience, we not only drink the water that has been seeping in toxic plastic, but also add one more single-use bottle taking 450 years to break down in the environment, ending up in the ocean.

Join us to reduce plastic footprint.

As of now, 91 percent of packaging waste is sent to the landfills, only 10 percent of the total waste has been recycled. To remove unnecessary waste, we are switching our packaging designs and materials to be more sustainable, producing more convenient packaging without sacrificing future of our planet.

Join us to replace excessive packaging.
Honeycomb Cardboard

Consists of sheets of kraft paper that areshaped into hexagonal cells and sandwiched between two thin layers of cardboard, creating a robust structure. It has the advantages of high strength, less material, and the lowest environmental impact.
EPE Foam

Expanded polyethylene is a 100% recyclable material. Its high thermal resistance properties allows it to be melted and reshaped, substantially reducing the plastic waste.
Water Based Ink

Water based ink, which is made by suspending a 100% biodegradable pigment into a water base, is much more gentle on the environment. It simply doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals. Instead it’s comprised of naturally occurring substances.